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Mold Tools + Existing part

Question asked by Jesper Dam on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by Roger Ikonen

Hi Forum.


I'm new at SW and i have just started using Mold Tools in SW.


When I have created all the parting lines, Tool Splits and Cores i want to use these new parts in an Assembly together with existing parts. Maybe standard Hasco or Meusburger parts.


Lets say i have an entire Meusburger Mould Tool and I want to create/use the Core - Cavity created in Mold Tool and make the parts "as one".


Resently I have done the following in the Assembly.


Insert Part - "selected the part" - Mate it correctly so its where I want it to be - Edit one of the Standard Base Parts - Made an Extruded Base thats bigger than the "Selected Part"

- Then I select - Insert - Molds - Cavity and extracts the "Selected Part" from Extruded Base. I now have my Core.


This seems to work fine, but I don't make use of the things I have made in the Mold Tools part of SW.


What other ways is there to make a Core and Cavity on and in existing parts and componends.