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    Model is unstable?????

    Twaka Tyus


      Receiving the following error when running static study. “Model is unstable”

      I’m stumped on this one. Can anyone assist???

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          Jared Conway

          what have you tried to isolate the problem so far?


          i notice that you have bonded global contact and then 300 contact sets. many of the contact sets are overriding the bonded contact sets. not necessarily a bad thing but not needed. i would have expected your problem to solve so there must be a contact or 2 that you missed.


          first thing i'd do is try soft springs or a frequency analysis to find out which parts aren't connected.


          or you can do it the manual way, add a few parts to your assembly at a time with one of them fixed and a gravity load, and you'll find the component that isn't attached to the rest.


          something you may want to consider is simplifying some of these parts.

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            Chatura Elkaduwa

            Hi Twaka,


            You need to define additional contact sets around the shafts and bushings as indicated below.

            They seem to have gaps in between, therefore, will not be detected automatically.