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Assembly Reformation

Question asked by George Moraitis on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2013 by George Moraitis

Dear all,

I am experience a difficulty and any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have an assembly that has around 100 parts. All parts have their own configurations (many parts have lot), which are used to create different configurations (around 40) to the main assembly.


After a long time that I have formed this assembly (let’s call it A), I made a decision and I MUST change it's structure. By saying so, I must keep a group of parts (let’s say from part1 to part 20) in a separate assembly (let’s call it B) and replace the original parts 1-20 of the main assembly A with the new assembly B.

The main problem is that, the assembly B has to keep all its configurations (according to the main assembly A) and the mates to the new formation have to be kept from the older ones.


I could make this manually and start creating the new assembly almost from scratch but will cost me much time. So, as you can understand, I am searching a way of make this job done fast and without any hard-manual operation.


I would really appreciate any help anyone can provide.