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    Solid Works Laptop

    John Michael

      I am a student and have recently started using solid works. The laptop I currently use is 3 years old and has only the min req to run solid works, can anyone reccomend a laptop for solidworks and general CAD and DTP work, please? Price range is up to £1250 but would rather not pay the full amount on the laptop.

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          Patrick Murtaugh

          You might discover that the laptop you currently use is more than adequate for a new user. I'd hold off and see what kind of walls you run into when using SolidWorks, ask the question again along with descriptions of what you were doing when the error occured, what kind of error, etc......

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            Jeff Holliday

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            Patrick is probably correct but I would highly suspect that you will get faster and more reliable performance with a decent system. I suppose from the price that you are in the UK. I don't know if you have access to the Dell Small Business Outlet website there. If so, I would suggest taking a look at some of their Precision Mobile Workstations. They may be refurbished or scratch/dent but I was/am happy with both of the workstations I got from there. The prices are good and there are sales that can further reduce the prices.

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              Jerry Steiger



              The best discussions about hardware and performance take place in the Administration forum. Go there and read the threads about laptops. The general problem you will run up against is that the laptops that have SolidWorks qualified graphics chips are much more expensive than the ones with gamer graphics. The latter may have problems. Lots of students and more than a few professionals get by with them, but it is always a bit of a crap shoot.


              Jerry S.

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                John Michael

                Thanks for all the advice. I'll give it a bit then check outlet and whether it's available to the uk.

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                  Marc Kirk

                  Patrick is on the right track.


                  I'm a new user and with Windows 8.1 installed and 2 GB of ram and integrated graphics i'm able to do everything a begginner does.


                  Personally this is a journey that will take at least a year or several to become profficient so unless load times are over 15 seconds and part manipulation is taking forever then I think you should hold off a purchase for the time being.


                  Why drop 1K on a system that is idle for the most part.


                  Do not listen to the general consensus regarding specs on here. Most the people who are making recommendations have no real world experience with multiple configurations or for that matter overclocking. Most CPU's/GPU's and ram can be agressively overclocked leaving a number cruncher that will fly.


                  Initially you dont need an approved graphics card either. You wont get the benefit granted - but initially this is not a concern as you will not likely be aware of said beneifts.


                  What you should'n t do is get an overlypriced and underperoforming workstation that screams firepro or quadro. Build yourself a budget pc and learn to overclock it and put a beefy gaming card in there. That way when your card falls over to replace it with a cheap firepro and then you'll have the best of both worlds. 60 fps on games and decent performance in CAd.