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    How to add details and visual appeal to models

    Saad Parvez

      How did the user here go from the grey model to the beautifully detailed final image with the logos, added windows, details and graphics. Is this Called surfacing. What tools can I use to acheive affects like this. Anyone have any tutorials



      Also how would someone go to a plane wing on the above picture (in grey) - with no details or flaps to a wing like this: (look at the flaps and detailed lines on the wings)http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs18/f/2007/162/e/8/Airplane_Wing_in_the_Sky_by_FantasyStock.jpg

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          Hi Saad,


          It is likely that they used a number of image maps to do bump or displacement maps on the model. This is common when the goal is to show and image or animation. For instance, the concave reflectors in this tail light that I modeled and rendered in Photoview is NOT real geometry - it is a image I placed on the inside of the housing and then use bump mapping to get the effect. You can do this with SolidWorks and Photoview. The second image (space station) is a model that I designed in SW and Modo and rendered in Modo. It is not as complex as it looks but make extensive use of image maps which give it it's texture.





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            Iko Lolsen

            Hi Saad.


            I guess what you are looking for is a piece of software which can render your model (This is the phrase you are looking for: rendering).


            Photoview can be used for this, but I would encourage you to take a look at Keyshot 2. It very simple and efficient.


            If you want to go all the way with rendering one of the popular rendering tools is called V-ray, but this is a plugin for 3ds MAX, Maya, Sketch-up so some of that software is required for it to work. It will require way more training than Keyshot.