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    how do I do a 3 point rotation of geometry in a sketch plane?

    Mike Mason

      Just this year I have put away my old cad software and began using Solidworks.  I love it.  Periodically though I find what used to be very simple in my old program difficult in solidworks.  Once I do finally learn how to do it in Solidworks I realize that indeed Solidworks is much better for the task.  In this case I can't figure out how to do a "3 point rotation".  Please refer to the picture inserted to see what I'm trying to accomplish.  The procedure outlined below is copied from my old cad program.  The 2nd inserted picture is what Im trying to accomplish in my sketch.  I want to rotate several selected entities (in light blue) around the point shown with the x and Y axis arrows showing.  The rotation angle is to be determined by the included angle between pt A and B




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          Deepak Gupta

          Mike goo to know that you're loving SolidWorks. Check the attached video to do a 3 point rotate. Might not be exact but can give you an approax location.

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            Glenn Schroeder



            Maybe I'm missing something, but I believe what you want is a simple as selecting the entities you want to rotate, then either right-click and choose Rotate Entities from the drop-down, or choose Rotate Entities from the drop-down under Move Entities on the Sketch toolbar.  You can select a point of rotation, then set the degree of rotation in the PropertyManager or drag.  There is also a box there to check for "Keep relations" if needed.


            I've never used this, but is it what you're looking for?

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              John Burrill

              You know, when I taught AutoCAD, I had the hardest time getting across to people why the needed to rotate something using a reference angle, but when I taught Microstation, everyone seemed to get it instantly. 

              Having come from that kind of CAD background, I understand the impulse to seek out equivalents of those tools because they are tremendously useful for setting up sketches.  The reason a 3-point rotation isn't in SolidWorks is that the methodology for constructing geometry doesn't require them.  In AutoCAD or Ustation you rely heavily on copying selections of geometry and transforming them. In SolidWorks you usually try to keep sketches a simple as possible and duplicate features using patterns and usually avoid creating static copies of geometry.  For the most part, you sketch what generally looks right, constrain it with dimensions and relations that you in turn drive to effect changes.  So before reverting to rotating sketch geometry, try first to constrain it.  If you've created your sketch relations in a way that consistent with your design intent  you'll actually find this to be relatively few steps.

              That being said, when they added tranformation tools to the SolidWorks sketcher that were similar to AutoCAD's I was very happy.  Unfortunately, they didn't include the 3-point rotation, which would be very useful for working with PCB layouts from ECAD which always come in at some slight skew.  What I usually do in these cases is make a block of the geometry that I want to transform and then add coincident an parallel relations between the block geometry and the rest of the sketch or model.  When I'm done, I'll explode the block.

              This approach eliminates existing relations between the selection and other sketch entities so you usually only do it in the early stages of editing a sketch.