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EPDM Search From Solidworks 2013 - Not working

Question asked by Cherise Fillinger on Oct 2, 2013

We recently upgraded to SolidWorks 2013 SP4 from SolidWorks 2012 SP5.  Now when we try to insert components into an assembly the EPDM search the search defaults to custom (This fills *.SLDPRT;*.SLDASM;*.PRT;*.ASM into the file name space) which will not actually find existing parts.  When you pull down to All files the file name space stays empty and the search works.


I need to either change the custom so that it works or change the default so it is not custom.  My users assume that the part does not exist and make a new part which is a big problem. 


Attached are screenshots of the issue.  (I redacted my company’s personal info)  Thanks in advance for any advice!