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Company Logo in Template: Poor Image Quality

Question asked by Paul Costales on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by Richard Wehmeyer

Hello, our company has recently changed names and I'm updating our drawing template to reflect that.  We've used the previous logo for over 10 years in SolidWorks so I'm a bit fuzzy.  I thought it was as easy as going to insert/picture and choosing our logo file.  I have tried jpg png and bmp and everything from 300-3000dpi but none of it matters, the logo looks like garbage in our template.


I then tried to copy the logo in MS paint and paste it into my template.  This worked great, super image quality, but my file size jumped to 9Mb from a previous 500Kb.  The image file I copied is only 23kB.    I attached a screenshot, it is hard to tell, but when you zoom in the, the upper image is really pixealted.  Any help on getting a quality image in my template that doesn't make a huge file size would be helpfull.  Thanks.  Paul.