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Creating custom hardware and linking that hardware to hole wizard holes using smart fasteners

Question asked by Tim Frieday on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by Dan Harlan

Hello all,


Here is what I have done:

     - Created new SW models of custom hardware

     - Added custom hardware to Toolbox Standards

     - Created a new folder in Hole Wizard Standards

     - Set custom named and diameter holes in new folder


What I would like to do:

     - Link custom hardware to custom Hole Wizard Standard using Smart Fastener (Reassign in Toolbox)

     - Populate an assembly containing custom holes from Hole Wizard with linked custom hardware using Smart Fasteners


When I try to click "Reassign" in the Hole Wizard my folder containing my added custom hardware is not shown.  My only options are the standard "Ansi Inch", "Ansi Metric", "AS", "BSI", and so on...


I would like to be able to add my new hardware to the Smart Fastener menu and then be able to auto populate my assemblies with the correct custom hardware based on the custom holes created with Hole Wizard.


Any ideas?

I have attached images for clarity.

hole wizard.PNG