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    Warnings you wish had "Do not show again" checkboxes

    Brian Mick

      So I've noticed many warnings have a checkbox that allows me to permanently dismiss them.  However, some warnings keep popping up over and over again.  I'd like the ability to permanently dismiss every warning in solidworks.  I can always go into the options and revoke my dismissal if I want to see the warning again.  Here are a few warnings that I get over and over:


      Solidworks Warnings.PNG


      When I make sheet metal drawings, I make the last page a blank 1:1 scale flat pattern to export as a DXF for our laser cutter.  Every time I hide the bend lines I get this pop-up.  For Pete's sake, I already right-clicked the bend line and clicked "hide".  I think I know that I'm going to hide the bend notes. I'm really ok with that.




      I already hit delete.  I have an "undo" button if I didn't mean it.  Besides, I'm allowed to delete dimensions and sketch entities without a warning, why are you warning me now? And why can't I just delete things willy-nilly if I want to? I'll take a "do not show again" check box here please.


      warning 3.PNG


      This is more of a fundamental "how solidworks functions" type thing, but I'd still like it changed: If I deleted / made everything construction, just make the feature "empty"! Or suppress it.  Or delete it and just leave a sketch where it was.  Anything. Something.  Not an error that then requires me to either a) create something small and insignificant or b) make something random, so I can leave this screen, and then delete the feature from the feature tree.


      What other UI changes would you like to see?