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Part Configuration grouping

Question asked by luke dearth on Oct 2, 2013

I have an instance where the company I work for uses configurations in every possible way known to the design world. This is causing issues at the assembly level. Specifically the way that the BOM is displayed depending on which "Part Configuration Grouping" options is selected. The most common challenge that I am faced with is how to handle using configurations where different lengths of a raw material are used. For example, We have a panduit model with several configurations. The company sets the configuration name up as partnumber-length and sets the propery to display "Configuration Name".  If I have multiple lengths in the assembly, I will get different BOM results depending on which Part Configuration Grouping is selected.


Additionally, we have another instance where we set up configurations for Sensors (showing the band as different diameters depending on cylinder diameter). In this instance, the part configurations display "Document Name".


1. Our ultimate goal is to have the BOM match our Purchasing system exactly. currently we purchas the sum of all the individual lengths.

2. Should items like panduit, piping, din rail, be displayed as a single line item or should each lenght be listed seperately.

3. What is the best way to set up the configuration at the part level (display Document Name, Configuration Name, or User Specified) vs Part Configuration Grouping (Display configurations of same part as seperate items, Display all configurations of the same part as one item, Display configurations with the same name as one item)?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.