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Configure feature window, how to set default position and maybe even column width would be nice too

Question asked by Jay Andrews on Oct 1, 2013

I have an issue been going on a long time.  When I open the configure feature or configure components window. it always comes up shifted to the right, so the OK etc. buttons are off the screen, so I have to slide the window over to close it every time.  There must be a fix for this, to reset the default position.  Also while I'm at it, it would be real nice if I could also set the default column widths wider, they are so narrow, you can never read the configuration names, and you can't select more than one column at a time, so you need to stretch ever column individually, then after closing the window, if I open it up again, it all starts all over again, window off screen to the right, columns too narrow.  I'm thinking of blaming some if not most of my insanity on this...