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Managing drawing/model related metadata

Question asked by Nir Smadar on Oct 1, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2013 by Nir Smadar

My company is on the verge of implementing a comprehensive solution for managing metadata in solidworks.


Currently we're dealing with multiple sources of data that are all attached either to the drawing/model, or standalone in our PDM system (ePDM):

  1. Custom properties in the drawing
  2. Custom properties in the model
  3. Variables in ePDM:
    1. Some are a reflection of the custom properties
    2. Some are unique in ePDM
  4. Various hidden attributes in the model (we use those as a custom solution because the custom properties have a maximum length and cannot have a tree structure)
  5. Various data that is printed directly on the drawing:
    1. Solidworks BOM table
    2. Company's custom Root-Chart table
    3. Company's custom ECO table
  6. ...


As you can see, this is a source of a big headache for us- a true DATA SYNCHRONIZATION HELL

I wonder if other (preferably large) organizations are dealing successfully with this problem, and what is the best practice.


Just to be clear, my demands from the desirable solution are:

  1. Number of data sources should be kept to minimum
  2. Drawing/Model loading time should be kept to minimum
  3. Data synchronization would be relatively easy
  4. Printed data (directly on the drawing, like tables) should be reflected from a well managed data source


Your help is kindly appreciated!