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DWG/DXF questions

Question asked by Michael Maz on Oct 1, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by J. Mather

Hi guys.


Is there a way to save a DWG/DXF as a flat 2D drawing. When it comes into Autocad/Draftsight the DWG obviously looks like a 2D file but the lines are also in Z space. Which affects dimensioning as it's picking lines in the Z depth which you can't see.


Another question regarding representations. Accoring to the engineer, this bend line is wrong as it should be going along the middle of the bend and should not be touching the edge of the outline (second image shows this)...



As shown in the second image.




Next question regards lines. The outer edge lines seem to be 1 single line yet these are 3 lines in the DXG/DXF, is there a way to make this a single line? We have tried the option to make every line a poly line but this was messy.