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Link a state to another workflow

Question asked by Brad Smith on Oct 1, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by Tim Read

Looking for some direction to achieve some workflow links.  I have yet to use actual workflow links and apparently my understanding of how they work is flawed. 


We have a current workflow established that handles the initial release of all of our drawings.  What we want is to create another workflow to handle just the revision.  This would also up the revision count at the beginning of the drafting process as well as minimize the number of approvals actually required.  My understanding before was that I could link our "RELEASED" state directly to a workflow link, thus sending the files into the "new workflow", perform the necessary rev count and approval transitions, and then send it back to the same "RELEASED" state in the original workflow.  Attempting to execute this, I no longer believe this to be how to perform the task. 


Can anyone point me to towards the cleanest way to achieve this?  I technically could build it into the original workflow and rename the transitions, but its already awfully complex and cumbersome.  There are also some other CM related tasks we have discussed being able to achieve with workflow links.


I apologize for my noobness.  I attempt to manage PDM in my "spare" time, so I'm learning as I go.