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    I'm a high school student, can i intern without a degree?

    Larissa Albarn

      So my school is a technical school and we have to co op in senior year (i'm a junior). My shop is technical drafting, and i do have experience in AutoCAD, and i'm solidworks certified. Right now were learning about architecture. I was wondering if any drafting companies would hire me for a co op job/internship next year without a BS degree, or any type of degree. I would like to even shadow someone.

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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm sure that some company will. The bad news is that managers have figured out that students are so desperate to get experience that they will work for nothing or next to nothing, so that is exactly what they will pay you.


          Jerry S.

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            J. Mather

            Where are you located?

            Find an internship position is often dependent on already knowing someone in the business.  Personal connections.

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              Jeff Holliday

              I would hope that the technical school could at least help you in searching for possibilities. Otherwise, I don't think there are any clear-cut answers about hiring processes. Take any opportunities you can to network with people in varied industries. I hope you also have the opportunity to attend a SolidWorks User Group in your area. We can help you locate one if you wish.


              Congrats on the effort you are obviously spending - SW Certification!!


              Also - welcome to the discussion forum. Keep posting!

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                Atif Khan

                From my experience getting an internship is pretty tough but you certainly have an edge over other students who are not solidworks certified! Based on your location I would try all the companies within the country that you live. Preferably target the smaller companies first. Solidwork/AutoCAD resellers may be a good place to start looking. Keep checking their websites or contact the HR and find out when they will start hiring interns. Keep the option of moving to another city or country open. To give yourself a better chance think about improving on your solidworks certification.  

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                  Roland Schwarz

                  A good internship is a great thing, if you can find one.  Hard to come by.  A bad internship is a waste of time.


                  Getting experience early is a great thing, but be mindful of your stage in life.  You will not have many opportunities for academic learning once adulthood sets in.  Take full advantage of these while they are there for the taking.  Don't be in a hurry to put school behind you.

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                    John Burrill

                    Larissa, talk to your instructors-all of them about your desire to intern.  Teachers in industrial arts programs are always looking for ways to justify their department funding and placing students in internships and jobs helps them get procurements from schoolboards and donations from businesses.  So, they have a financial incentive to help you succeed.

                    -and don't wait for someone to give you a position before you start designing.  Build a portfolio of original work that incorporates as much of what you've learned about engineering and manufacturing and design as you can.  In this field, showing people what you can do carries more weight than telling them.

                    Additionaly, there is a process to getting hired in any position regardless of how much it pays and no one gets hired off of a discussion thread as a favor.  You need to cultivate relationships and make inquiries to specific people that you can reasonably expect to be in a position to help you.  As Jeff said, take opportunities to establish connections including those in this forum.  Your going to learn a  tremendous amount about SolidWorks from reading the posts here, but you should also look for the opportunity to answer questions and participate in discussions.  Reciprocity is the cornerstone of western civilization, so if you strive to help people, they will want to help you in turn.

                    Finally, just a word of encouragement: the people that generally succeed in their endeavors aren't the smartest, fastest, strongest or cleverest.  They're the ones that don't give up on themselves.  So keep trying.