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    lathe chuck jaw simulation

    Rukhsanah Yasin



      I need some help on a Simulation task that I am working on.



      My design involves a Lathe chuck jaws that are opening and closing in an assembly, as they open and close they all move simultaneously and stay in a parallel situation.



      My design and the top jaw and the mechanism part (These two have been assembled), the mechanism is held in the chuck by means of a tapered slot.


      The part will have to be fixed on the tapered part (not sure where), load on the front part of the jaw (where the jaw will hold the part), the blots (that are holding the jaw to the mechanism will need bolt connectors added (not sure how to do this either) and finally, the jaw and mechanism will need to show that there is fricition occuring between the jaw and mechanism.



      Can anyone please show me how to run this simulation in Solidwork?










      P.s. I have attached the Assembly so hopefully you can understand the problem.

        • Re: lathe chuck jaw simulation
          Jared Conway

          i'd recommend starting with the simulation tutorials to get a good grasp of how the software works.


          then it might be helpful for you to draw a picture that shows what the loading condition is and how the parts will attach to each other. i'm not really following exactly what you're looking for.


          also, you didn't really describe what the loading condition is and what you want to learn from the analysis. that is an important part about picking boundary conditions. it would also be good to list out any assumptions you think are inherent in how you want to analyze this case.


          if you're looking for some one-on-one help for this analysis, we offer this at hawk ridge systems, contact me at jared@hawkridgesys.com to setup a time to talk about it further.


          also regarding your assembly, you'll need to put in a pack and go, you only uploaded the sldasm so it can only be viewed in view only mode. (it doesn't have the parts)