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    Equation Manager

    John Pagel

      I am trying to develop some relationships between dimensions on the same sketch.  I have done this countless times in the past and never had any problems.  However, as of lately when I click on tools>equations or right click on the equations folder in my design tree and then click "manage euqations" something goes wrong.  My main solidworks window acts as if the dialogue box has opened because it grays out (when a window becomes "background") and I lose all functionality with it until I hit escape (exactly as if the dialogue box had opened).  This tells me that the equation manager dialogue box is opened up but I just cannot see it.  It's as if solidworks thinks the box is open and reacts but there is no box in which to add/edit equations.  Likewise, I can write in equations directly into the dimension and the equations folder will add them in the design tree.  However, with no actual dialogue box that opens it is very difficult to manage/delete them as I need.  I should also note that this effects all part numbers and not a single drawing.  Is this a glitch local to my computer/software or is there something I am missing that can easily be fixed.

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          Eric Irwin

          I am only basing this on what happens when I get a corrupted Design Binder file, but sometimes the window is hidden.  I know, it should not be, but maybe it is.  I would look to the Windows Task Bar and see if you can find the other open window.  Another option is to hit the Minimize button on the SW window and see if you can find the Equation Manager.  A third option would be to make the SW window really small and then try to edit equations and see if it shows up somewhere then.


          I can't explain why you are having this issue, and I'm only guessing at ways you might be able to work around it.

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            Edana French

            I'm not sure if you're still having the problem, but I had it too just recently. I solved mine by reducing the monitor's display resolution. The dialog box was just off of the screen. So, maybe that's your problem too?

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              Justin Byerly

              I am having the same issue and tried minimizing as small as I can to find the window but no such luck. I am on Solidworks 2015. Have there been anymore ways to fix this issue?

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                  Sarah Dwight

                  If the window is opening up off screen try RMB the taskbar and selecting Cascade Windows. This will pull all your open windows into a line-up.

                  Note: I am running dual monitors and Cascade Windows puts them on whichever monitor they are closest to, I guess. Also SW apparently stays in the foreground when you select Cascade. I had a bunch of windows lined up behind it, lol, but the EM should be in front of SW.

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                      Justin Byerly

                      I am running dual monitors also. After selecting Cascade windows, I did not see it. I tried moving everything around and still no luck. Let me elaborate a little more. This model was originally created with a design table and several configuration. The company I am working does not care for that type of setup and and each part has its own file. I went and deleted all the other parts from the design table which in turn got rid of the configurations. I then deleted all the unused features which in turn gave me the error below.

                      Now my screen looks like this.......

                      When I RMB on the equations and select manage equations the screen looks like this (see below) and I can not do anything unless I get out of it by hitting ESC.

                      Hope this helps clarify my issue.