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Updating a design table after creation of Configuration Publisher

Question asked by Derek Swegheimer on Sep 30, 2013

I'm wondering if this is even possible.  SolidWorks help file says this when describing the use of a Multiple-configuration model (multiple row design table):

     "Use this method if the model already contains all the configurations you need."

I cannot use the 'Single-configuration' model because it does not allow me the flexibility or constrainment I need for different parameters.  So, I'm left to use the multiple-config model.  However, once my design table has several configurations in it and my Custom PropertyManager is created through the use of the 'Configuration Publisher', adding configurations in the design table only show up on my computer and not on other users'.  We use ePDM so I don't know if that is a factor or if it is just impossible to add configurations to your design table and have others see it once you have created a 'PropertyManager'.


Any help is greatly appreciated!