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    Solidworks Plastics tonnage requirments

    Gordon Menzies

      we are looking at purchasing solidworks plastics.


      Does anyone know if solidworks plastics output the tonnage requirements?  ie If the wall thickness changes from .100" to .080 "

      the results would show that the molding machine tonnage would need to be higher.


      Also with the data in solidworks plastics. if you changed from Nylon66 to a glass filled Nylon66 would solidworks plastics determine that a higher tonnage machine is needed.


      thanks  Gord

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          Bill McEachern

          it does report the clamping force needed.

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            Bill Sardini

            The software material properties need to match the actual material. As close as you can find. You will probably need to pick a comperable material from the database or create a custom material. Material selection is critical for accurate results. The software tonnage will change based on material, it will state if the part can be filled, it will show short shot, or if the wall thickness needs to be increased to be moldable or decreased to save cost. It shows air traps, weld lines, orientation, the is much more. I have not ran any simulations on Nylon66 or glass filled Nylon66. So I can't say that they will for this material. They do change for Low Desity Polyethylene, and Linear Low. If the correct material and mesh are chosen you will find that the tonnage is very close to manual calculations. There are existing parts that we run in smaller presses that the software say's should run in a much higher tonnage molding machine. The manual calculations also show a much higher tonnage machine. I believe it is due to the material viscosity or a setting at the molding machine that I am not entering into the software correctly. I am still working on this one. You should send your V.A.R. a part and have them do a mold flow and send you the results. Send one that you know the process for. See what you get.