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Need help mixing pipe styles in a route

Question asked by Ken Barrett on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by Edwin Thompson

We are currently investigating using routing to make pipe spool drawings for pressure vessel and tank skids.  SWX Version is 2011 SP5 (could go up to 2013 SP4 if it helps)


We have routes that routinely change from butt welded to socket welded and threaded fittings (due to various kinds of valves in use).


As a result I need a solution where we can make individual pipes in a route to have different end prep (i.e. a BBE and then a BOE/TOE etc.).


Is there any way to do this?  I found a previous post that suggested just right clicking on a segment of the route and selecting "Route Segment Properties" but this changes the entire route and not just the pipe in question.


See attached PDF for a visual.






Ken Barrett