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    SolidWorks Simulations Error

    Rob Powell

      I am getting an error when trying to run a static analysis on an assembly.  I have searched and tried a variety of methods to get rid of the error, but I cannot seem to find a solution.


      The error message says:

      "The Iterative Solver stopped.

      Numerical difficulties. (Preconditioning failed)

      Please check model boundary conditions.

      No results saved."


      The assembly is fully defined and I have tried to set a variety of fixtures that should constrain the bucket.  Any help or ideas would greatly be appreciated!  Thanks!

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          Jared Conway

          from a tech support standpoint, you need to narrow down what is causing the issue. i would all the components except for the fixed one, apply a gravity load and run, if it runs, great, add a couple more parts that are connected to that one, and go...eventualyl you'll narrow it down.


          but overall that message is just saying that it is having trouble solving for your loading/boundary conditions. which is why you have to narrow down which one is causing the problem, there is no easy button that tells you which one is causing the problem.

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            Gian Flavio Violi

            It would be helpful to be able to get more information on the Analysis SetUp (if posible).


            Have you tried switching solvers to a Direct Mehtod? For this RMC the analysis as shown, then go to properties.


            Then chose the solver.


            See if that works.