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    Mate Selection from mate object

    Anshul Pandeys

      Hi all,


      I was wondering how can i select a mate from Mate2 that gets returned as a  part of AddMate3() call. This returned mate gets suppressed & for my assembly i always wanted this to be in unsupressed state.



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          Keith Rice

          Hi Anshul,


          It is hard to tell what you're asking. Are you asking how to select a mate or how to unsuppress a mate? If you want to select a mate, use IModelDocExtension::SelectByID2. If you want to unsupress a mate, use IFeature::SetSuppression2.



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              Anshul Pandeys


              Apologies if the question wasn't clear enough. My use case is following.


              I am trying to  add Top plane mates to two components at a distance( the two components have Right and Front mates already ) .


              Unfortunately after adding the top plane mates between the two components, the resulting mates is coming out as suppressed. So I was just trying to unsupress this mate forcefully via EditUnsupress.


              In order to select this Mate by SelectByID2 methods, I am looking for the selection string on this mate, so that I can select the mate and call EditSuppress on ModelDoc2 Object for the selected component. I can't find  anything on mate object that I can use to select this object


              Hence the post to find out how to select the mate once you have mate2 object