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first WPDM set up - questions

Question asked by Francesco Boltin on Sep 26, 2013
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Hi all.

First, I apologize if what I'm looking for was already told.

I'm trying to set up the WPDM in my company. We have a central server ,I made a new folder "SWVault" on it free RW for everyone.I know that I need to set it hidden & RO for the user once settled correctly the Vault.

With the setup program in the DVD I followed server tools and WPDM.

This setup wrote several sub folders from "SWVault", so I suppose that my setup information were good.

The setup ended cleanly.

Now I can't make the first login in the vault.

I use the pda.....  User and password as indicated, set the correct UNC path to the server but I can't connect to the Vault. The IIS is on.

I tried to uninstall the Vault for to set up it on my local environment, but the setup remembers where it was previously and doesn't let me change the old path.

All set up operarions was made  by my workstation, I’ve not made anything directly in the server,is this the problem?

The service PDM in my PC doesn't start (exit with error 1) .I don't know if this is an issue or if the service is already running in the server and this hasn't  influence.

I don't know also how to make a full unistall of the WPDM installation,I would like  to settle a brand new in my workstation. Maybe could be some network conflict ,I need to be sure that the procedure is ok and almost in my PC the Vault go.

Thanks for your patience and help.