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Component Orientation

Question asked by Andrea Stone on Sep 26, 2013

I have opened and executed a Build of an ECAD *.emn file twice.  I'm finding components that are 90 or 180 degrees different than my ECAD components.  My process was Open ECAD file; Build Model; saved/exited the SolidWorks Model that was created by the build.  Reopened SolidWorks, Opened ECAD file; Executed Build Model again.


In CircuitWorks, opened the Library, selected a component, using Edit Component option on pop-up menu.  Now my stumbling block.


I tried modifying various combinations of the XY and Z offsets, Rotation, and Orientation fields and saved the changes.  I am not seeing the changes.  Why?  Am I missing a step?


Thanks in advance for any and all assistence.