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Moving to WPDM having a lot of duplicated files (thinking to pass to Enterprise in the future)

Question asked by alvise ferro on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by Matthew Phaneuf

Hi to all of you!


I work from some days in a new company, with this scenario: 4 SW Professional seats inside the company and 2 SW Professional seats in another country, at this moment not in communication.


The files are all on the server and the 4 seats work directly on them, with the usual problems of lost files and limitations, so my purpose is to pass to a PDM. They never used it, so they asked to see if Workgroup could be a good solution, and in the future thinking about Enterprise. During next days we will install the WPDM, and i need kindly some suggestions:


- a lot of files are duplicated; i mean, in order not to lose anything, they create a folder for every assembly where they put all the parts, even the common ones. you can imagine that we can have of the same xxxx.sldprt 30/50 copies. Big problem... Also, some assembly have problems, with wrong ID.


- they will pass to Enterprise, hopefully, during next 3/5 years, so i want to configure the things considering it.


Can you kindly give me some suggestion of how to proceed? I used only Enterprise in the past, and i would begin in the right way.


Thanks in advance for the help!