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    Shrink Fit with Temperature Dependence

    Gerald Fly



      I am trying to analyze the shrink fit of a bearing at room temperature and then analyze the stresses at operating temperature.  I come from the ABAQUS world where I would do this in two analysis steps and just change the part temperatures from one step to the other but I don't see how to accomplish this in Solidworks.  I've used Solidworks for design but not for analysis.  Can someone please help me with this?



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          Jared Conway

          what level of solidwork simulation do you have? you should be able to do this in nonlinear in the same way because you're able to sequence things. if you have solidworks premium, that won't be enough because you only have static. if you have solidworks and simulation premium, you'll have nonlinear.


          at the start of the analysis you can leave the parts all at a certain temperature and let the shrink fit develop

          then change the temperature with a temperature boundary condition with a curve

          if you want to get really fancy, you could do a transient thermal analysis first and import that temperature distribution over time