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    Task - PDF Conversion Advanced Script: Completes successfully but E-PDM thinks it failed

    R. Seegmiller

      I am having trouble with a number of PDF conversion scripts that are reported to fail, however the output files are created correctly.


      I have reduced the script I am having trouble with to the following:


      ' Convert Task VB Script

      ' Created by Richard Seegmiller, modeled after SW default Advanced Script

      ' To diagnose why Advanced Scripts are failing though they exit clean

      ' Created: 25 September 2013


      Sub main()


      Debug.Assert False


          On Error GoTo Fail:


          docFileName = "<Filepath>"


          Exit Sub




      End Sub

      After stepping through the debugger, the above script completes successfully.  According to the results in the Task List, the task failed.  There is no error log generated.  The email that is sent also does not give any clues as to why the task failed.  Sanitized email as follows:


      SolidWorks Enterprise PDM notification


      System was unable to auto create the MS Word Specification PDF.


      The task was initiated by JDoe on JOHNPC running as Admin




      File Name    Version    View    Get Version    Properties    History    Folder


      1    View

      Get Version





      Suggestions anyone?