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    surface modelling - network of ducts

    Srinath Iyengar

      Hello everyone


      I'm trying to model a network of ducts in surface modeling. I have managed to do so, but when I try to add thickness to it, doesn't work. I later understood that its cause of the minute openings between each surface. I have attached the model for your reference and to better understand the problem.


      Would appreciate your help in resolving this issue.




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          Hi Srinath,


          Are you looking for this to be a welded structure of pipes or are you look for it to be smooth and organic? The reason it doesn't shell is because of the multitude of small sliver openings between the branch joints. It will take a different modeling appoach to make this work correctly. I would recommend lofting or sweeping the branches as surfaces (as I see that you have) but instead of thicken then individually, trim, knit and joint them together cleanly and once you've properly done this, cap the ends of the branches and then make in an enclosed solid. At that point you should be able to thicken it. Then add Radii and then shell.