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Can't save cell merges made in the BOM table

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Sep 25, 2013


I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is a bug.


I just made a bunch of modifications to our BOM template for Assy drawings. I right clicked the BOM table, and saved is as a new BOM template, as usual.


When opening a new drawing and inserting it (to test my changes), everything works perfectly fine, except that 2 header cells that I had merged together are no longer merged.


Let's say you open you current BOM template, insert a new column, and merge (across) the 2 cells in the header (say the header cell of the existing column adjascent to the new column, and the header cell of the new column).

Now if this is saved as a new BOM template, and you then test inserting it in a new drawing, are the cells shown still merged?


Even though I can merge the cell, when I save the table as a BOM template, the merges are lost.