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WPDM Web Viewer "View as PDF" not working

Question asked by Milko Angulo on Sep 25, 2013

I'm working on setting up the WPDM web viewer at our company and we are having a problem trying to open drawings as PDFs.

When selecting a drawing file and clicking the icon "View as pdf" (see pic), a new tab opens with the name HTTP 403 forbiden and displaying "The website declined to show...".  Looking at the address bar of the new tab I can see that it is pointing to a SLDDRW file [http://finpdm/pdmweb...   ...&ZDoc=/110-0111.SLDDRW].  However, If I replace SLDDRW with PDF on the adress bar, the pdf drawing will display correctly.



How can I fix it so that when clicking the "view as pdf" icon it points to a pdf file?