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Table Cells loose their link

Question asked by Joe Birner on Sep 25, 2013

I have a table in my drawing that references the properties of the assembly file, using the "Link to property".

I have approx 27 rows, and  it works fine ( in one copy that i have).I checked that into workgroup pdm for our group to utililize.

When I check it out or when most users check it out, the bottom half of the table looses it links to the propeties.


One user, when he checks it out it shows ALL the Values, not that it is an actual liked value, but he does have a complete table.


I used the copy settings wizard and used his settings and I can recreate his limited success, i have no idea what setting cause i have looked.


Any ideas on what can cause this loss of data,  I do fully resollve the models ...



Thanks for any help in advance.