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    Dimensions in Recorded Macros

    Oli Sparrow

      Hi all,


         There is a common part I work on that is straight with a transition toward the end and so I have created a 'calculator' sketch that updates overall dimensions based on certain input parameters.


         I want to make this workflow more efficient by running a macro that:

      • Opens the file
      • Opens the sketch
      • Prompts me for the 3 critical dimensions needed
      • Exits the sketch


         This way other people should also be able to use the calculator without any trouble.


         So far everything does exactly what I want it to do except when I alter the value in the dimension window and click the 'tick' icon, it immediately reverts to the original value and moves on to the next one.  How do I get around this? I've included a video that shows it happening.  Recorded on my iphone so quality isnt great.




         I had that part of the macro working fine in a previous attempt so can't understand what I'm doing wrong now?