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    Heat sink Engineering database model vs. CAD model of real part

    Derek Feng

      I noticed flow simulation provided heat sink in the engineering database. I can see we can specify thermal resistance and pressure drop data in the heat sink component.

      My question is how different are there between using the heat sink component in the engineering database and make a model a detail CAD of the real heat sink? For instance, how much computer time can I save with using the component in the database and how accurate it is comparing to a read CAD model?

      Thanks and I hope I made myself clear.

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          Jared Conway

          Hi Derek, the first question I'd ask is does the heat sink you want to use fit the profile of the "smart part" in Flow SImulation. Many customers don't have heat sinks with fans on them which makes that functionality unavailable to them.


          Then, do you have the data necessary for creating a heat sink in as a smart part. If not, you might be stuck creating it yourself.


          Are there performance benefits? Definitely. You're talking about replacing a heatsink with fins and a rotating region with a block that behaves the same way. There will be a serious reduction in the number of cells and computation time. Are there specific benchmarks between them? not that i'm aware of but if you do that test, i'd really love that data point. But I would also say, the developers wouldn't add it if it didnt' save a lot of time.


          Similarly regarding accuracy, remember the developers wouldn't add it if they didn't validate it. I would go over the documentation on it to make sure it matches your application and write down any assumptions that you think it makes and how they would affect your analysis. but in the long run, if you're concerned with accuracy, the only way to know is to test it for your application.

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              Derek Feng

              Hi Jared,


              Thanks again for your help.


              I thought the fan was just optional to the heat sink smart part. Apparently from what you said it's not. In that case, I am not able to use it either.


              Just after I posted the question, I checked one heatsink spec that I have. It has the thermal resistance plot but not the pressure drop one. I guess I can still use flow simulation to do a wind tunnel simulation on that heat sink to get the pressure drop data but it may defeat the purpose of using smart part for convinience, I would think.


              Thanks again for the help.