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    Joint Mismatch on Beam Components

    Daniel Kitts

      I'm having difficulties with the joint contacts in this model.  For some reason, solidworks is placing two joints at the interface shown below, even though these two pipes share the same centerline:


      Joint mismatch.png

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          Jared Conway

          yep, i can see that on my end too

          if you take that component and put it in its own part, same issue

          if you roll back the feature tree and isolate that feature, still there

          if you delete all the other components in that group except for that one, the problem goes away

          so it has to do with the trim

          you could try trimming afterwards to see if the problem goes away but overall probably worthy of checking in with your reseller/solidworks about that


          BUT, the question is, what do you want to learn in this area? a beam inside of a beam probably isn't going to work the way you want it to. have you tested that already on a sample part?