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eDrawings for ProEngineer Wildfire 4.0 installation issue

Question asked by Joe Schutte on Sep 24, 2013
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As the title says, I am having installation issues on one workstation with eDrawings for ProEngineer Wildfire 4.0 m120. 


Once installed, there is a menu option for eDrawings that lets you create models/drawings directly in Wildfire. On that one workstation it fails to create that menu option. 

During install, I make sure I point the path to the WF load point.  No problems with the other identical workstations. 


We've been using eDrawings for many years with just minor issues.   It seems that although we pay maintenance, there is no tech support, even for a failed installation.


Windows7 fully patched, 64 bit.

Wildfire 4.0 M120

eDrawings version:  2013 sp01 (64 bit)



Joe S.