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    How to let the listbox of userform from VBA attached with SWx?

    Vincent Li

      Dear Team,


      I had been working on a project macro(.swp) basing on the VBA inside of SolidWorks.

      and there are a few listboxs on the usrform, but it seems the listbox does not support the mouse scroll wheel event to go up and down in the listbox when checking the items.

      Does it need any extra API? cause I did not found any properties or event to make it happen.

      pls help to advise.


      May be you may advise me to go to MS forum to know about this thing. Actually I checked that before and seems very complicated of coding.


      if you met this prblem  above before, pls just give me a example(.swp), I can learn it myseft.

      thank you very much