Disable snaps to a sketch

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 16, 2006
I have lettering that was imported from Adobe Illustrator. The lettering looks good to the eye but when I try to extrude with draft angle it fails, I am guessing because of intersecting surfaces. As you can imagine there are a lot of non tangent splines, vectors and arcs that don't work well for creating a 3D solid out of. I have come to the conclusion that I need to recreate the letters by hand using the original DXF elements as a guide and sketching in a new sketch tangent arcs and lines.

When I use the original DXF import, change it to construction lines and create a new sketch over the top of it the new sketch snaps to the original sketch. I want to make SW ignore the old sketch when sketching in the new sketch but allow me to snap to endpoints in the new sketch I am currently creating. In other words, I want to see the old sketch but not snap to it but snap to the new sketch instead.

Is this possible?