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Trouble with inlet vs outlet flow

Question asked by Sjoerd Post on Sep 23, 2013
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Currently i am trying to simulate a airconditioning in a room. I am interested in a couple of paramaters such as velocity at certain points.


I made this setup to start a flow simulation:

A internal analysis.

fluid:     Air     Pre-defined

I kept the other parts of the wizard as they are.


Boundary conditions:

Inlet:     Volume flow      Uniform     0.033333m³/s     (120m³/h)

Thermodynamic parameters:     Only changed the temperature to 289.15 K


Outlet flow:     Pressure opening     Enviroment pressure


I am interested in the velocity in a couple of points in the air conditioning box.

I calculated this by hand and i did not get the same value as SolidWorks gave me.


When i make point parameters on the outlet LID, the velocity is not the same as on the the inlet LID.

Because the LID's are from the same diameter, i supposed the volume flow of the inlet was the same as the volume flow of the outlet.

Assuming there Solidworks is calculation without leakage this is supposed to be the same volume flow.


Can somebody maybe tell me what i am doing wrong here?

Maybe i am thinking in a whole wrong direction.


Attached is a picture of the current situation.


Already a big thanks for helping!