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the configuration gives errors in some cases

Question asked by Andy Beckers on Sep 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by Jerry Steiger



I'm drawing a conveyor belt and want to add different configurations with a design table. Now the problem is that the support legs don't always match the configuration. the incline option doesn't give any problems at first. When I make the supports that I have a conveyor belt with decline it will work also. But when want back to incline or straight after that solidworks will give a bunch of errors that the mates are overdefining the assembly.


I have drawn a line with a start height (same as the starting height of the conveyor belt). this line has a incline or decline so the conveyor belt is in the right angle. because I can choose the number of supports sometimes the line goes below the top plane (I have set the top plane as ground level). I have set the length of the profiles from the top plane till the line, so it has always the right length. when the line goes below the top plane the direction of the extrusion of the profiles turns negative at this point. these profiles are suppressed so it isn't a problem at that moment. When I set it to incline it should change and the length of the plane should be positive. The problem is that the extrusion remains negative and it gives a bunch of errors. Is there some way of changing this, so that The program can run without errors?



-Andy Beckers