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    using one inserted image for two sketches?

    Steve Krause

      I have a photo that I want to use in two different sketches.  I will use a spline to draw on curve in one of the sketches following the curve in the photo that I have inserted and then do a Surface Extrude on the one curve.


      Then I want to draw another curve using that phot to do a second Surface Extrude. 


      When I bring the photo image into my first sketch I have do some scaling and positioning of the photo.  In the second sketch I can't figure out how to use that scaled and positioned photo from the first sketch.  Is there a way?

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          J. Mather

          I never place any sketch geometry other than my image in a sketch (other than needed to scale the image).

          Start a New Sketch after placing image in first sketch and then you can trace over in as many sketches as you need.


          Of course you can always Hide/Show the image sketch as needed.


          It sounds like you consumed your first sketch and now the sketch is hidden.

          Right click on the sketch in the browser and select Show.

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            Kelef Man

            hei'ya Steve, do you mean two instances of the same photo,

            or one instance as a common referance,

            for two instances of scaled and positioned just start as

            required and close sketch1, open sketch2 on the plane needed,

            open tree to sketch picture, select and copy/paste.

            for one common instance do sketch1, close, change visibility as

            required, set plane or surface and do sketch2 -

            maybe a screen-shot or file to see the problem you are

            trying to get around - kelef have a good'n