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    Trim surface affect quality of surface

    Andi H

      In NURB modeling such as Rhino or Alias. if you loft or do a boundary surface say with a given number of CV splines that surfce would reflect the quality of the splines depending on the number of splines thats the vertexies the surface would get. Now if you trime the surface and try to blend with a different surfece that trime edge would have gained extra geometry creating a complex surface.


      Does the same principle apply to solidworks. Say I have a basic 4 edge surface made through a loft of 4 2d splines. if I trim it and blend it will the resulting surface be the same in gemotry wise or more complicated than if I were to blend to original surface edge?

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          Charles Culp

          Each surface is its own patch in SolidWorks, and they will not match the complexity of the surface with which they blend.


          There are people who know more, and I have a feeling they will answer.

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              Kevin Quigley

              The answer is it depends. It depends if it matters or not. Story.


              A few years ago I had so e training in Alias Studio Tools (was considering buying) by the guy who trains all the European car makers..in other words the top bloke.


              As an example to work through we modelled a bathtub I had recently done. We imported the SolidWorks file, one I was quite pleased with, as to was super smooth G2 everywhere. We imported the SolidWorks file into Alias and....!!!! CV hell. There were more CVs on the SolidWorks surface than flies round a 10 day corpse. Horrendous.


              So we remodelled one section of the bath in Alias, and it took all day, and it was a glorious efficient, CV free surface that was 1/10 the file size. Wonderful.


              Then it clicked. Hang on. We made this bath. It is in production. The toolmakers thanked us for the quality of the surfaces. And we did the whole resurfacing for production in 4 hrs. We had just spend 4 hrs doing 1 section of the bath.


              So, the punchline to this meandering story is that yes Alias et all gives much nicer surfaces, but SolidWorks lets to do it faster, and you get to update it! Result. Yes the SolidWorks surfaces look horrendous sometimes when imported into other apps but provided ypu are not then having to edit them it doesn't actually matter that much.


              My advice is, use Boundary and Fill surface, keep your splines clean and don't angst too much thereafter. Use the extra time you gain to di another job and make more money. Simple!