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Lighting to make renders that "pop"

Question asked by Jay Arling on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2013 by Thomas Idebrant

Hi all,


I've been using photoview 360 for a few months now. I feel like a lot of the renders I create look pretty dull/bland, and I'm often not a fan of the lighting. For instance, in the attached image:


-There's a number of very dark spots

-The lighting overall looks uneven

-There are threads on the pipe outlet and on the next lowest part in the explode, and it's pretty difficult to tell from the image


This lighting was done with the spotlights in the other attached image. All of the lights are in the right plane.


Does anyone have advice to make this render look better?

Are there quick/easy settings for lighting that will give a desirable result (no extreme shadows, even lighting)?

How can I make the threads more clear (beyond zooming in/increasing render quality)?


I'd like my renders to really jump out of the page, any advice to help acvhieve this is appreciated.