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Costing Features Recognition - how does it work/fail

Question asked by Michael Hess on Sep 20, 2013

Does anybody have a good sense of how the feature recognition in costing works (and fails). I'm trying this out as an "early design" tool to make sure design efforts proceed within budget. I'm running the costing tool through 40 existing prismatic machined parts for which we know the cost. 2 parts come in slightly over, but the rest are way under, primarily because in most cases the milling operations turn out to be 0.00. Lots of features aren't recognized. I have parts where 47 features have no cost assigned to them.


I don't quite understand how this works, or how to work around it in the design (as opposed to applying "custom" values afterwards). Attached is a sample test part. It's just an extrusion to which I apply two cuts from the side. Without the cuts, there is a milling cost. After the first cut, that cost is still there. After the second cut it goes to 0.00.


I have similar issues with holes - some come in as holes, some don't (and come in as 0.00). There must be something in the SW geometry that the Costing feature recognition really doesn't like.


This was done on SW2012-Costing (sp 4).


I don't have an in-house shop with which to discuss typical costs and tailor templates to.

I need something generic we can run frequently without much post-processing to make sure we stay in the ballpark as the designs develop.


Any thoughts?


Thank You,




Michael Hess