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    2014 Update deleting drawing templates?

    Joe Harsanje

      Ahoy all,


      I just updated to 2014 and it appears to have deleted all of my drawing templates I previously had.  I've looked through the discussion boards and can't find anyone else having the issue. I've also searched all over my computer to try to find my templates but no avail.


      Has anyone else experienced this or is this a rookie mistake and I'm just looking in the wrong places to correct it? Thank you for any help.

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          Jeremy Feist

          do you not have any templates? or are the custom ones you made before missing?

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            Paul Marsman


              Just to make sure... you do know that you are using Pre-Release 1?



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              Glenn Schroeder

              Where were your templates saved?

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                Joe Harsanje

                The templates were saved with the Solidworks program files where it automatically assigns them when I initially created them. I went back and that Solidworks 2013 folder is gone altogether. I dug through for probably an hour or so looking through all of the files manually and then using the normal windows search bar to search for the file name but came up with nothing. I tried searching the names of the templates and the ".drwdot" file type in general and only came up with the generic templates.


                Fortunately I still have all of my drawing files for our customers, so I just had to go back, find the drawings with the templates I needed, delete the part info from them and re-save them all over again. It wasn't a huge deal or anything, just an annoyance and waste of time.


                I understand I am dealing with pre-release 1, but that still shouldn't change the fact that it deleted my files. Hopefully it will be fixed for the actual release.

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                  Joe Harsanje

                  I didn't realize it would be deleted when I upgraded unfortunately. I've got it all backed up now, I just would have thought that the program would not delete things in the template folder and instead would transfer to the updated program. Oh well, lesson learned.

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                    John Burrill

                    Joe, what kind of an install did you perform?

                    You see there are a couple of settings that work in conjunction that might produce the result you're describing.

                    Performing an upgrade install of a new major version instead of a new install re-uses the directories and resource names of the last installation.  So if you used stock template names (like draw.drwdot) then those template files were probably replaced.  The only way to avoid this is to either name your templates differently or have the install get it's settings from a SLDREG file that uses new directories for those resources.

                    The other setting that can cause this is having SolidWorks uninstall the previous version before installing the new version.  This won't remove custom files with unique names, but it will clear out program directories.

                    Finally, have you looked in the Options dialog box under File Locations to see where 2014 is looking for templates.  Templates, by default are stored in the Program Data folder-which is hidden in Windows by default (goto Windows Explorer, Tools==> folder Options and check "Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives")  There you'll find sub-folders labelled with the release version, so look in the SolidWorks 2013\templates\ location and see if your old tempaltes are still in there)

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                        Joe Harsanje

                        I saved the files as a different name for each depending on what type of part I was dealing with, I think I had like 6 different templates.


                        I don't remember what type of install I did specifically. The only thing I remember from it was that it was to replace the previous version so I wouldn't have 2 versions on here. I guess in retrospect I should have seen this coming.


                        I checked the hidden files also and my templates weren't there either.


                        I do appreciate all of the help in trying to locate them though! Thank you all! Hopefully some others will see this and it will remind them to back their stuff up in a different location before upgrading.