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Design table bugs - values disappear / values dont update model

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by Richard Bremmer

I've reported to my VAR twice now, but have not been able to solve this.

I need a solution to these problems because design tables are something I need to use fairly regularly, and these issues pretty much make the models un-usable.

1)  I find I have to use formulas in design tables because hard-coded values will disappear or change when the table is opened for editing.
2)  I don’t know if it’s related to the formulas, but I also find that the values in the design table don’t always “take” to the model.

Both of these issues are frequent, I would say at least two-thirds of the design tables I create will have one or both of these problems.

I'd be suprised if I am the only one seeing this.

These "bugs" have been present since at least 2010 and are still present in 2013.  I’m currently running 2013 x64 SP3.0.




You can see both issues in the image below. 

For clarity, all cells with formulas are represented with ORANGE text and all cells with hard values are represented with BLACK text.


In the attached image, you see that the highlighted items should all be unsuppressed in every instance except for “84525YY Blank.”

When I exit the design table, these features are suppressed in every configuration except for “84525YY Blank” and “8452555 Mill.”

I’ve tried using update rebuild (ctrl-B) and full rebuild (ctrl-Q) on these configurations, but the sketches remain suppressed.


Also in the image below, you can see the very last entry has a few blank cells.

They should all say “S”, but the values disappear every time I open the design table.  I have to re-type the data every time.

In other files, the data doesn’t disappear, but sometimes comes in with the wrong value (i.e. “U” instead of “S”) and that is even more difficult to spot and fix.

Hence the use of formulas whenever possible.


I cannot upload files here due to confidentiality agreements.


If anyone has seen these same issues, please let me know.  If you have a workaround or solution, please share.  



Thank you for your time!