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Save reminder - any way to stop it from taking over the keyboard focus?

Question asked by Robert Williams on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by Kelvin Lamport

After losing too much work from random crashes in the past, I tried the auto backups and recovery options but they didn't seem to ever work right.  I turned on the Save notification / reminder, and it's worked as expected; it reminds me to save my work and I haven't lost anything in a long while.   Problem is I like to re-name features (unlike the rest of our entire company it seems), so I know what they are later rather than leaving them as "fillet1, fillet2 .. fillet37.." and having to click through 20 of them to see what they are...    Anyway, when the "save reminder" pops up while I'm renaming a feature it takes control of the keyboard 'focus', and typically I'm typing fast enough that I hit 10 letters before I realize what's happened.   Sometimes it's just annoying and I have to re-rename the feature, sometimes it unleashes hell when I hit combinations of shortcuts.    I suppose I could go in and re-assign all shortcuts to use something other than letters......  But it'd still be annoying as half my feature name has disappeared because its trying to type on the "save" popup box... 


I'm guessing this is a SolidWorks specific program setting and there's no Windows way to fix it?   Currently running SW 2013 x64 SP4.0 ..  


How to reproduce: start renaming a feature just before the timed "save reminder" kicks in..   Flip off screen when it does.