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Parts missing from Assemblies Files-but show up in Ref. Tree

Question asked by Casey Dickson on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by Jose Tabisi

I am having major issues with all my Assemblies files--- I keep losing complete Assemblies and the parts inside it.-

I can’t re-build, or use back up files. When it starts to load the backup file it shows the parts are there while loading but then they disappear once the assy. is fully loaded.

It's showing in the Reference tree that they are there (not grayed out) but no parts are actually showing up (nothing under show hidden components) -

or other time I open the sub Assy. and it is completely gone, from the main Assy.

and they parts are all gone out of the ref. tree, only showing Axis and planes.I am running SW 2013 Spo 3.0...Premium

Assy issue#1.JPGAssy issue#2.JPG