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Attach thermal properties to CAD model

Question asked by Derek Feng on Sep 19, 2013
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Would like to ask for help on a question about linking flow simulation properties with CAD. Hard for me to describe what I want to know but maybe easier if I give an example - a PC desktop CAD model with a video card in it.

For the purpose of D.O.E, the video card standalone is getting flow simulation modeling and analysis. In order to do that, a relatively large number of custom defined materials and components (PCB, two resistor chips, heatsinks etc) were pre defined and attached to the parts in the flow simulation project.

After that, the video card is put in the desktop assembly for a system level flow simulation. So far, I can only do the hard way - attaching all the components and materials again (already pre-defined, so can skip that) to the video card, which can be time consuming especially when there are several video cards in the assembly.

So is there a way we can store the video card CAD model with all the flow simulation properties attached and saved to the library? In that way, we can just grab the video card whenever we want without additional operations.

I hope I made myself clear and SolidWorks has the capability to do it.