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    Loft error need help or suggestions

    Ladi Ojora

      I'm having difficulties creating loft over 3 sketch drawins on 3 planes.


      For some reason I keep getting the error message "Rebuild Error: Unable to create this feature because tit woul resul tin zero-thickness geometry."


      Any help with fixing this would be appreciated.


      A copy of the file in attaached.


      Loft problem.jpg

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          Jerry Steiger



          I didn't open your file, but is the lofted feature joining with an existing body in the part? That could be where the zero thickness error is happening.


          Jerry S.

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              Ladi Ojora

              Yes the lofted feaure is joining with an existing body. How do i make it connect properly?


              Or are there alternaties to resolve this problem and perhaps make it join with the existing body without errors? I'm coming across the same rebuild error in a sweep boss operation as well. Perhaps i'm not connecting the  new sketch to the existing drawing properly or am I missing something?


              Thanks for your advise.

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                  J. Mather

                  A good bit of the geometry looks very rough and most (all?) sketches are not fully defined.

                  Did you really intend to do the first Revlove as a Thin Feature resulting in this tiny gap in the feature?

                  Revolve Thin Feature.PNG


                  I suspect the geometry can be significantly simplified (and more aesthetic) with a Sweep feature.


                  Cut Extrude 22 is ambiguous on one end (and although I haven't looked real close it looks like the entire model could have been made with three simple features up to the point of this extrude).

                  What version of SolidWorks are you using - maybe I could attach an alternative technique?


                  You can use existing workplanes to Split parts rather than Cut-Extrudes.


                  I find some little bits of geometry and missing tangent relations in a sketch that would cause a Sweep to stop.